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Jun 1st, 2010

Here’s an interesting look at how the iPad is changing people’s expectations for their future computing needs. I’m thinking along the same lines: is my Macbook needed anymore?

Currently, yes. But as the iPad evolves — and we know it will, Apple’s past ten years are ample proof of that — I expect I will be able to do more and more creation (aka work) on it. So, while I currently need my Macbook for work excursions to the local Starbucks, I know that need will eventually go away.

For some time, my thinking was that my next purchase would be an iMac. It would be the perfect desktop complement to my iPad. But this article does a great job listing some benefits of the Mac mini and has me thinking along those lines. A new mini would work great with my current ACD with matte display. But the 27” iMac is one impressive device.

I could still go either way, but one thing I’m feeling more sure of every day: my need for a laptop computer is hanging by a thread.

[ via Minimal Mac ]